Vermicomposting Supplies

Vermicomposting Supplies from Acme Worm Farm

Worm Castings ~ aka Worm Poop

Our Worm Castings are non-toxic in any concentration to plants and animals, to the soil, and to the environment. Much of the synthetic nutrients of chemical fertilizers are not only lost into the soil, but also destroy much of the soil’s beneficial microbial and bacterial activity. At the same time, many of these synthetic nutrients are absorbed into our plants and food supply. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides have become our country’s leading cause of water pollution!

Also, the humus in Worm Castings extract toxins and fungi from the soil, giving them the ability to “fight off” plant diseases. Worm Castings will retain 3 to 4 times their own weight in water, and therefore increase the ability of the soil to retain water. Since Worm Castings are all natural, their benefits are “time-released”. Most potting soils have a nutrient life of 2 to 5 days, whereas Worm Castings will last up to 6 times as long.

Our Worm Castings are shipped to you with use and application instructions, in “re-sealable” bags of 5 lbs., 10 lbs., or 20 lbs.

Worm Castings, 5 lbs: $16
~ shipping included ~

Worm Castings, 10 lbs: $19
~ shipping included ~

Worm Castings, 20 lbs: $36
~ shipping included ~

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Coconut Coir Blocks:

coconut coir blocks Coconut coir

Our Coconut Pith Fiber comes from Sri Lanka, where they soak their coir in fresh water reservoirs to insure low salt levels. It’s of the highest quality available. Coir is superior to peat moss in many aspects. Coir has antibiotic properties against pathogens, is loaded with natural growth hormones, soaks up more water than peat moss, soaks it up quicker, and holds it longer.  Potting soils made with coir do not require a wetting agent.  Using coir in place of peat moss also means less strip mining of bogs. These blocks are compressed 5:1.  Each block yields 2-1/2 cubic feet.  Put one in a wheelbarrow with five gallons of warm water, and watch it grow to full size in about an hour (or two hours with cold water). Coir also make great worm bedding when mixed half and half with compost or aged manure.

All prices below include UPS Ground shipping – physical address required (no P.O. boxes)

1 coir block, 2.5 cu ft: $39
~ shipping included ~

2 coir blocks, 5 cu ft: $59
~ shipping included ~

3 coir blocks, 7.5 cu ft: $79
~ shipping included ~

4 coir blocks, 10 cu ft: $99
~ shipping included ~

8 coir blocks, 20 cu ft: $149
~ shipping included ~

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Tools to Help Monitor Your Soil

soil thermostat from acme worm farm RH-4 Soil Thermostat

RH-4 Thermostat

Ideal for use with soil-warming cables, portable electric heaters or heat lamps. Controls up to four heating elements. Total wattage used by all heating elements plugged into thermostat can be up to 1,800 watts. Heavy duty 10′ power cord with molded NEMA three-prong plug for 120 volt AC current.

RH-4 Thermostat – $209, shipping included


Waterproof Thermostat

waterproof soil thermostat acme worm farm Waterproof thermostat

Pre-wired thermostat assures accurate soil and temperature control. Ideal for controlling soil heat cables. Waterproof enclosure with 8′ power cord and 5′ temperature sensor. 1400 watt. 12FLA @ 120V 40°-100°F temperature range.

Waterproof Thermostat – $199, shipping included


Soil pH Meter

pH meter from acme worm farm pH Meter

Monitor and maintain optimum conditions for your plants, flowers and vegetables:

• Easy to read dial, great for indoors and outdoors.
• Includes recommended pH ranges for over 350 plants.
• Allows you to alter your soil conditions immediately.

Soil pH Meter – $49, shipping included


Soil Test Kit

soil test kit from acme worm farm Soil Test Kit

Achieve professional results with this accurate and easy-to-use Soil Test Kit:

• Ideal for use by the home gardener, professionals, in the classroom or in the field.
• Contains liquids and equipment to conduct 40 tests. 10 tests each for pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash content.
• Includes complete instructions and recommendations to amend soil, based upon test findings.
• Packaged in attractive, durable, plastic carrying case.

Soil Test Kit – $49, shipping included


Compost Tea Bags

These 9″ x 12″ breathable compost tea bags are perfect for holding the castings used to make compost tea, and can be used with almost any compost tea brewer. They let the water penetrate through, but will not let the castings escape. The compost tea bags are durable and can be used over and over again. Minimum order of 5 bags.

Compost Tea Bags – $5 for 5 teabags, shipping included

gardening gloves from acme worm farm Foxglove Gardening Glove in periwinkle

Foxglove Gardening Gloves:

Most garden gloves are bulky and ill-fitting. Foxglove Gardening Gloves are made from Lycra spandex to be form fitting and Suplex nylon to be durable and abrasion resistant. Because of the tight knit and brushed surface soil will not penetrate the cloth, keeping hands and fingernails clean. Foxgloves are not waterproof but are resistant to water and will not absorb water. If caught on a thorn, they will not rip, and will continue to protect your hands. The fabrics used are breathable so hands do not sweat. Foxgloves are fully washable in the machine or under the faucet and may be dried in the dryer on low heat. They make great cold weather gloves too! Foxgloves have added grip dots for non-slip holding power!

gardening gloves by foxglove Foxglove Gardening Gloves in Iris purple

Foxgloves are available in Periwinkle Blue and Iris Purple. Form fitting Foxgloves are available in three unisex sizes: Small fits glove size 6 – 6 1/2, for petite and short fingered hands; medium fits gloves size 6 1/2 – 8, for most hands; large fits glove size 8 1/2 and over.

Foxglove Gardening Gloves – $25, shipping included

Size: :
Color: :


Acme Worm Farm Gardening Aprons

gardening apron from acme worm farm Acme Worm Farm Aprons

“What you do in your garden is your business, making it better is mine”

100% cotton with rugged Teflon finish, 3 pouch pockets, 1 pen pocket, waist ties and adjustable neck strap. Great way to stay clean while gardening and other pursuits. 22″ W x 24″ L”.

Gardening Apron – $17 each


cotton t-shirts Acme Worm Farm T-Shirt, grey and green

Acme Worm Farm T-Shirts

Get your gardening and vermicomposting done in style when you sport an Acme Worm Farm T-Shirt made from 99% soft, comfortable cotton. Available in grey or green.

“What you do in your garden is your business, making it better, is mine.

Acme Worm Farm T-Shirt – $15.00, shipping included

Size: :
Color: :

Garden Bench and Kneeler

kneeler bench for gardening Garden Kneeler Bench

A kneeler and garden bench all in one!
• Convenient hand grips make lowering down and getting back up a snap!
• Frame is rugged, powder-coated tubular steel.
• Cushioned on both sides with soft, 3/4″ orthopedic foam.
• Legs lock securely with spring-loaded catches.
• Weighs only 8 lbs., yet has a 250 lb. capacity.
• Folds flat for easy storage.
• Dimensions: 24″W x 19-1/2″H x 10″D.

Garden Bench and Kneeler – $59, shipping included


moisture meter from acme worm farm Moisture meter

Moisture Meter

Monitor and maintain optimum conditions for your plants, flowers and vegetables. Grow healthy and thriving plants by maintaining correct soil moisture:

• Instantly tells you moisture levels where it matters the most — at the roots.
• Helps prevent over/under watering.

Moisture Meter – $49, shipping included


moisture meter from acme worm farm Moisture Meter, model MM36

Moisture Meter Model MM36

This sturdy precision instrument is made by Reotemp. Model MM36 takes readings at depths up to 3 feet and can be calibrated to read ideal composting moisture at half scale, or to represent percent of total saturation.

Moisture Meter Model MM36 – $119, shipping included