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European Nightcrawlers - Eisenia hortensis

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European nightcrawlers - Eisenia Hortensis

The European nightcrawler is rapidly becoming the ideal bait and live food worm. European nightcrawlers are not only the toughest and most active worms on the market, but are the only earthworm that can be used successfully in salt water. Nightcrawlers have been used for ice fishing in the frigid waters of Northwestern British Columbia, and have been found to be still active on the hook after 30 minutes in the water under 18" of ice! The nightcrawler is also a good food source for birds, turtles, reptilians, exotic pets, and small pond and aquarium fish. The European nightcrawler can be fed and cared for just like the redworm. (please read the section on Vermicomposting).

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1 lb of European nightcrawlers -
$39 delivered

1 pound - $39
(includes shipping)

2 lbs of European nightcrawlers -
$69 delivered

2 pounds - $69
(includes shipping)

3 lbs of European nightcrawlers -
$89 delivered

3 pounds - $89
(includes shipping)

4 lbs of European nightcrawlers -
$119 delivered

4 pounds - $119
(includes shipping)

5 lbs of European nightcrawlers -
$139 delivered

5 pounds - $139
(includes shipping)

The Bucket of 100 nightcrawlers -
$29 delivered

Bucket of 100 - $29
(includes shipping)

The Bucket of 200 nightcrawlers -
$39 delivered

Bucket of 200 - $39
(includes shipping)

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