Worms from Acme Worm Farm

Last shipping date for worms is 12-14-15, will start shipping again on 1-4-16.

Composting Worms – Live Worms – Red Wigglers

Ordering live, composting worms from Acme Worm Farm is easy!  A few notes:

  • All prices include Priority Mail shipping.
  • We ship worms every MONDAY. Worm orders must be received by Saturday evening to go out in the Monday shipment.
  • We do not ship overseas.
  • Shipping to Alaska will cost more — please call us at (520)750-8056 for pricing.
  • Orders to Hawaii must be legally shipped from Hawaii. For orders to Hawaii email “info at HawaiiRainbowWorms dot com”
  • We guarantee LIVE delivery.

If paying by check or money order, prepayment is required before we can ship your worms. Send your check or money order to: Acme Worm Farm, 4731 N. Edgebrooke Place • Tucson, AZ 85705

compost worms red wigglers red wormsAt Acme Worm Farm, you will receive your chosen weight in worms – you will NOT pay for bedding.

vermicomposting acme worm farm

All prices include USPS Priority Mail shipping.

1 lb. of Red Worms: $34

2 lbs. of Red Worms: $59

3 lbs. of Red Worms: $74

4 lbs. of Red Worms: $94

5 lbs. of Red Worms: $119

10 lbs. of Red Worms: $229


Questions? Concerns? Give us a call at 520-750-8056, or send us a note by e-mail.